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Your single smartest move.
Looking for a rig that’s easy to transport, easy to rig up, safer and more economical?  Look no further than our proprietary SUPER SINGLE DRILLING RIG® – a highly-mobile, highly-capable rig that moves as fast as you do.  

Super mobile.

  • Your rig transports in just 15 loads (minus drill string), saving time and money
  • Your loads are compact and self-contained
  • Rig-up is fast and hydraulically powered
  • Rig is designed to move without cranes

Super efficient. 

  • Streamline your operations with fast moves and efficient drilling operations
  • Broad depth range of 6,000-12,000 feet
  •  The SUPER SINGLE DRILLING RIG® footprint is smaller - less environmental impact
  • The SUPER SINGLE DRILLING RIG® has a Pipe Handling System that is automated and safer for rig crews – so automated, just one person can make a connection

Super safe.

  • Smaller crews and automated equipment mean less hazard exposure
  • No derrick man needed – range III drill pipe and automated pipe handling eliminate this position, along with its related fall hazards
  • Automated pipe handling eliminates tongs and related pinch points
  • Reliable hydraulics systems reduce the hazards and back-breaking labor associated with conventional drilling rigs

Super value.

The SUPER SINGLE DRILLING RIG® has hit a sweet spot in the market and has been a huge success.  Fortunately, MD Cowan anticipated the demand and has stayed ahead of the curve.  We can build your SUPER SINGLE DRILLING RIG® and deliver it to you within the year – at an unprecedented value.

The SUPER SINGLE DRILLING RIG® is available in 3 models:

  • MD525-M:  a mechanical/hydraulic powered rig
  • MD525-E:  a diesel-electric version of the rig
  • MD525-EX:  a diesel-electric rig with automated control systems


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